Top Tips For Selling Your Possessions

De Clutter Your Lifestyle

1. Sell your possessions in layers

The first layer might be things you don’t want and never use in your current lifestyle.
The second layer maybe stuff that you rarely use or need.
The third layer could be things you use but are not necessities

By selling in this way you get used to parting with possessions so it would hopefully get easier to part with items that you would not have been able to part with at the the start of the process.

2. Use different ways to sell your belongings

You might want to make as much profit from selling as possible or you may not care how much you get if anything at all.

You could use a mixture of FB selling groups, car boot (trunk) and yard sales. Speciality buyers for collectors items, auctions or donate your belongings to you favourite charities or just give items to friends and family.

3. It will be hard at times but make it fun

So all this selling can get you down and be frustrating but keep it light and fun and remember the the lifestyle you want to achieve.
Could you use the profits to go on a day out or give yourself a treat?

4. Stick to the price you want for your items

People will try and knock your price down. Negotiate by all means but don’t feel like you have to sell it to them. There will be someone along who really wants what you are selling and will pay what you are asking. If you feel someone has knocked you down too much you’ll end up feeling bitter.

5. Make the items easier to sell

When we sold everything we made a big pile of items in our living room.They were in the way so we just wanted them gone and out of the way. If things are out of sight then they are harder to get rid of.

6. Don’t push yourself to get rid of the items you are really attached to before you’re ready

Don’t put pressure on yourself to get rid of the something you love or you’ll end up fighting the process.
Remember point 1 and come to it when you’re ready.
Our daughter didn’t want to part with her toys and we wondered how we were going to do it without it being a real upset for her. But in the end we found a really nice children’s hospital for brain damaged kids that needed toys so she was more than willing to give her toys as gifts.

7. You don’t need to get rid of every last thing

If there items you really want to keep then you can always store them if you need to and maybe later on you’ll feel differently or be glad you kept them.

8. Keep the end goal in sight

Remember why you are doing this.
If its to earn some cash then what will you use it for
If like us it was to gain a different lifestyle, then remember what it will enable you to do.


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