5 Reasons To Road Trip USA

We certainly love to road trip and we think the USA is one of the ultimate road trip destinations in the world.

But why do we love it so much??

1)  Road tripping gives you freedom

There’s a feeling of freedom that road tripping in the USA gives us. We don’t normally make any accommodation bookings so that we can be free to change our route if we feel like or take longer at places if we really like them.

We were once on a road trip in South West USA and the weather was terrible everywhere we had planned to go so we just decided to head South toward the Mexican border and we had an amazing time. 

Keeping it flexible is the key.

2) You never know what you’re going to find

Sometimes it’s the things that you didn’t expect that give you the best experience.

You may have planned a route to visit the main tourist sites etc but very often we have found that it’s the places we happen to come across or the detour we have taken that lead to the best experiences of our trips. That little town that hardly shows on the map or a national park that just blows your mind with its beauty or the event that may be happening during your visit. 

Contemplation At The Grand Canyon

3)  Embracing the journey

People sometimes get bored of driving long hours between destinations but we look at it as an opportunity to discover something we didn’t expect. 

The USA is full of ever-changing landscapes.

One minute you can be in the city and then the next you’ll be driving through a dry desert or by towering forests, gigantic lakes, gaping canyons or huge mountains.

Of course, there can be long sections through pretty flat scenery that seems to go on and on but there is always something to see if you open your eyes to it.

4)  Accommodation is easy

OK so this one depends on where you are in the USA obviously but in our experience, unless you are near a big and popular destination or there happens to be a big event on in town, or it’s peak season, accommodation is pretty easy to come by in the USA.

There are tons of roadside motels in most towns to choose from.

Don’t be caught out by the big driving distances though as you may find yourself out in the wilds with no accommodation around come evening time.

We’ve visited the Grand Canyon where the hotels may be full but drive a few miles to Tusayan and there a ton of options to stay.

Don’t be shy to ask to have a look at the rooms before you decide.

The staff will most likely give you a key to one of the rooms so you can go and have a look.

Beautiful Sedona, Arizona

5) The open road

There is nothing like finding yourself on an empty road with no-one around for miles.

Again this is dependant on your destination but in our experience, once you get out of the large towns and cities the roads are much less busy than you would experience in say, Europe.

It can be an absolute joy to just cruise toward the horizon on an empty road through the desert areas or see the view from mountain passes.