Our Projects

Our adventurous life style has and continues to evolve since we left the UK in February 2016 and as we travel we get new ideas about how we want to share what we’ve learnt to make a difference in the world.

We’ve got grand ideas about the kind of future we want to create which includes leading our own group trips to destinations around the world, publishing books, making films and inspirational speaking to name a few.

You’ll find some of our new and ongoing projects below but we’re always open to new ideas, so let us know what you have in mind.

Adventures To  Inspire

Our love of travel and adventure has led us to some amazing destinations and having wonderful experiences as a family.

We want to share what we’ve learnt about creating an awesome life, with you and what better way than to lead our own group and individual adventures to see great destinations around the globe while learning all about leading a fulfilling life.

From trekking in the Himalayas to outdoor adventure weekends to wandering through ancient cities, there is so much to discover about your own capabilities that may just change your life forever. Take a look at our Adventures To Inspire page for more information

Talks To  Inspire

Our love of travel and adventure has led us to some amazing destinations and having wonderful experiences as a family.

We love to talk about our adventures and experiences from trekking to Everest Base Camp to swimming with whale sharks in Australia to road tripping in the USA and of course selling everything we owned in the UK to be able to live this lifestyle.

We actually like to talk a little too much about our family travels but it’s because we are passionate about people going out there and living the lives they dream about.

Whether it’s a private function or a public show we can put together a talk that will be inspiring and meaningful for your audience. Take a look at our Talks To Inspire Page.

Conversations To  Inspire

Annabel loves to inspire people and she came up with the idea of Conversations To Inspire where she interviews people that have got inspiring stories to share.

We’re pretty proud of her ideas and her willingness to jump into the deep end and have a go attitude so this series of interviews lets her express her creative side. Watch her Conversations To Inspire Video Series Here

House and Pet Sitting

We never knew it was possible to house and pet sit around the world but since leaving the UK we have taken care of homes and pets for clients in Australia, Mexico, USA and Canada.

It’s such a privilege to take care of peoples houses and pets and gives us the chance to live and integrate into the local community instead of staying in hotels. Visit our House and Pet Sitting Services page for more info

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