Hanoi Egg Coffee

Have you ever heard of Hanoi Egg Coffee?

We certainly hadn’t but while we were researching for a short visit to Hanoi we came across this unique Hanoi drink.

So we were determined to try it in one of the many egg coffee cafes in the Old Quarter.

What Is Hanoi Egg Coffee

It sounds obvious but there might be more to egg coffee than you might think.

The Vietnamese name for egg coffee is Ca phe trung

So what’s in it?

The ingredients are chicken eggs, Vietnamese coffee powder, sweetened condensed milk, butter and cheese.

Sound yummy?

The art of making it is in the blending so that it doesn’t just taste of egg and that it has a lovely sweet froth on the top.

Hanoi Egg Coffee

Hanoi Egg Coffee Has a Wonderful Taste

Where To Drink Hanoi-Egg-Coffee

Egg coffee is served all over Hanoi but if you want to go to the original egg coffee cafe then head to the Giang Cafe in the old quarter.

Nguyen Giang founded Giang Cafe back in 1946 and was the original inventor of egg coffee.

It’s said that during the French war, dairy was in short supply so people put condensed milk in the bottom of their coffee cups but Nguyen decided to try adding eggs to bulk it up and after experimenting, came up with his recipe.

The cafe is hard to find amongst the hustle and bustle of the old quarter but sure enough, we found the tiny entrance and went through a corridor into the cafe.

There are a few tables downstairs but it’s upstairs where you’ll find the most atmosphere with small tables and stools crammed into the space.

It’s popular so you might have to wait for somewhere to sit.

Once you’re settled someone will come and take your order.

Menus stuck to the wall tell you what’s available apart from the staple egg coffee which can be drunk hot or cold.

You can also get egg chocolate and egg coffee with rum.

We went for an egg coffee and an egg chocolate, both hot.

What turns up is a teacup size cup of egg coffee placed in a small dish of hot water to keep it nice and hot.

Hanoi Egg Coffee

Giang’s Egg Coffee Shop


Choose Your Type Of Egg Coffee From The Menu

Hanoi Egg Coffee

Upstairs At Giang’s

What’s It Like?

We didn’t know what to expect as egg coffee sounds a little disgusting doesn’t it but boy were we mistaken.

It’s absolutely delicious with just the right mix of coffee and egg and a wonderful silky smooth creamy froth on the top.

The egg chocolate is also wonderful and being more to Sue and Annabel’s taste as they don’t like coffee at all.

We loved it so much that we went back a second time and after getting soaked and cold out in the rain we decided to push the boat out and try the egg coffee with rum.

What can we say but heavenly, such a warming comfort drink.

If you get the chance to visit Hanoi then a search for the Giang Cafe and it’s famous Hanoi Egg Coffee is a must, not just for the drink itself but the whole atmosphere of the cafe as you get a sense of the history of the place.

Even Ted loved it !!!

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Ted Enjoying A Cup Of Hanoi Egg Coffee