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We sat in our car at the end of our road after driving away from the house that we had just sold and realised for the first time that we were homeless and about to embark on a whole new lifestyle.

For a long moment we just sat there wondering where to go.

It was an odd feeling, not having any plan, any home and just the belongings we carried with us but this is what we had chosen.

We had made the choice to lead a life that had no plan, that was open to opportunity and didn’t involve us having a house or many possessions.

But as we sat there the reality dawned on us and it felt strange.  Not a bad strange, just strange to be leaving the lifestyle we had known and to be starting a completely unknown life.

Sometimes its hard to explain to people why we wanted to start a completely new way of life for ourselves, it surprised us as much as anyone, but we wanted to let go of the way we thought we should live and embrace the way we wanted to live.




So how do we live??

First and foremost we live as a family, what we mean by that is that we are close and we share our ideas, our experiences as much as possible.

I suppose you could say we are a team, we work together to get where we need to go.

We want to give Annabel the best upbringing and education we can imagine to stand her in good stead for her future whatever that may look like.

She doesn’t have a sit at a desk education, she has a get out into the world and experience life education. And its not just Annabel that’s getting the education, as parents we are learning just as much as she is and we learn together as a family.

Annabel’s upbringing is so precious to us and we want to give her the best we can.

Adventure is a part of  life that we cherish so although we are on one big adventure we make sure we do things that are adventurous however big or small along the way.

For us its really all about connection, connection as a family, connecting to people and communities along our journey, connecting to the world and nature around us.

What we want from life is probably what most families and individuals want, to feel alive, to feel content and to feel love.

So as we sat there in our car suddenly having that strange feeling of the unknown and of hesitation, I suppose it was really like a wild animal that has been kept in captivity being let free from the cage, when there is that moment when its not quite sure and pauses but then runs free.

When the winds of change blow
Some people build walls and others build windmills

Chinese Proverb

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