Our Vision For The Future

We don’t have big plans, we just want to change the world!!

We want to teach people about family-connection and that they can have close connected relationships even in this world of disconnection

We want to show people they can dream big and live the life they want even if they don’t think they can

We want to create a community for people to share and explore their potential

We want to show people how their lives can be balanced, not all good, not all bad , but just right!!

And like we said we want to change the world but we cant do it without you, yes thats you we are speaking to.

We need your help, we need your engagement with us in whatever way you can.

We are building a community, a tribe, a team, whatever we call it we want you to be part of it if you’re looking for a life of freedom, fun and enjoyment.

You don’t have to want to change your life drastically but just want to make more of ¬†what life has to offer you and maybe your family too.

Join our group of like minded members and embrace life to the fullest.



We love that people have been inspired by the life we decided to lead.

So we’re going to Inspire more people by running..

Retreats for Families

Adventure Experiences

Connection Workshops


Sharing our adventure and what we have learnt as a family is really important to us.

So we are going to be sharing our experiences through..

Website/Videos/Social Media

Public Speaking/Events



Our own family adventure is the core of everything.

So we’re going to be planning new adventures as we travel which may include



Community Projects

Our Latest Posts