How To Have A Great Family Adventure

When we left the UK to live a Nomadic lifestyle adventure we weren’t really sure what that meant other than we didn’t have a home any longer.

What we did know is that we wanted to have a family adventure!!

Of course, our lifestyle is one big adventure but we make sure we have lots of specific adventurous activities along the way.

What do you do to have an adventure with your family?

We love the outdoors so trekking, canoeing, cycling are all obvious choices for us but you have to find what you love to do as a family not what you think you should be doing.

It can be a challenge to find something you all like to do of course but you can work together and communicate to find something.

Why have adventures?

Having adventures together as a family unit is what lights us up. Its something we can often do as a team and work together to overcome a challenge etc.

We wouldn’t have reached Everest Base Camp if we had all just been out for ourselves, it was a team effort and we looked out for one another and helped each other when things got challenging.

It’s a time when we can just focus on the challenge in hand and not on everyday distractions.

Family Adventure in Nepal

Adventures don’t have to be huge!

You can have adventures doing almost anything.

It’s more a state of mind than the thing you’re doing.

We tend to think of adventures as massive affairs but the smallest adventures are sometimes the most memorable and enjoyable.

When we go out exploring a new destination, its an adventure when we meet someone new, it’s an adventure.

Let children take part in the planning

It’s easy as parents to take control and plan everything but we try to remember that Annabel is as much a part of the family as we are.

So we all sit down and discuss or plan our next adventure together.

It can be fun and involves all of us.

We also listen to Annabel’s ideas. Like the time we were in Nepal and she wanted an adventure of her own, Paragliding off the local mountain top. It was her thing and she loved it.

What’s your next adventure?

We’re planning on trying to get outside more often and do more treks etc but we also love road trips so that may be an option.

But what is your next family adventure?

We’d love to hear your plans either in the comments below or by contacting us by email or on social media.