Embrace The Journey

We can get so caught up sometimes in thinking travel is all about the destinations we visit that we forget the true essence of the experience.

Travel as we know means to go from one place to another, simple right?

So why do we make it all about the next big destination?

Personally, I love the journey aspect of travel but I know that some people just want to be at their destination and if they could step on to the Star Trek transporter and get beamed to their hotel pool they would.

It’s not that long ago that to go just halfway around the world would have taken months of being at sea but now takes a matter of hours on an aircraft.

So have we got so fixated on the destination that we forget about the real joys of travel?

Until I learned to drive, (as soon as I reached 16), we didn’t have a car so if we wanted to get somewhere it was either a bus or train journey.

But wasn’t it exciting going on a train journey!!

Going to the station waiting for the train, watching the world go past outside the window.

We Love Rail Journey’s

Of course, there was excitement about the destination but it was part of the trip or the icing on the cake.

Now as a family travelling full time with our 13-year-old daughter we try to appreciate every aspect of our travel.

So many times we have been caught up in our high expectations of a big destination only to be disappointed on our arrival.

Similarly, we have been surprised how often we have had such an amazing time going somewhere that we thought would be of little significance.

Its taught us that the pleasure and joy aren’t so much in the destination itself but just being together as a family enjoying time together and sharing experiences that may sometimes be big or small.

Family adventure can be found anywhere from camping out in your back garden to trekking to Everest Base Camp and everything in between.

Don’t forget the journey and how much fun it can be getting to where you’re going.