Boeing Factory Tour, Mukilteo Guide

Having always had a fascination with aircraft, I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to visit one of the biggest aircraft factories in the world.

The Boeing factory tour near Mukilteo is one of the few places where you can see huge passenger jets being assembled.

The gigantic facility boasts (at the time of our visit, October 2018 ) the largest building, by volume, in the world.

They build every Boeing 747 that has ever been built here along with the 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner.

Boeing Factory Tour

The Tour

Annabel and I entered the Future Of Flight centre where the tour starts from.

The tours get fully booked up but luckily we could get on to the next tour of the day as it was a weekday.

We had a quick look around the Boeing shop that sells all sorts of aircraft merchandise.

At the allotted time we entered the Boeing Tour entrance.

Before leaving the building to travel across the huge airfield to the factory itself, we sat in an auditorium to listen to our guide give a presentation and to watch a short film.

Boeing factory tour Entrance

The Boeing Factory Tour Entrance

It seemed our guide had a great sense of humour, making wisecracks whenever he could.

The tour group must have been made up of about 30 people and after the presentation, we left the auditorium and boarded a bus to take us out to the factory.

Bags and camera’s including mobile phones aren’t allowed on the tour so we don’t have any of our own photos of the inside of the factory.

The bus took us across the huge airfield and runways to the factory facility where we got out and entered the massive assembly building.

The facts about the factory and its size are amazing.

The factory is run more like a town with 30,000 workers with their own police force, fire service, creche, hospital, gyms, canteens and coffee shops.

There’s a maze of underground tunnels beneath the assembly building, one of which we entered and proceeded to a freight elevator.

When the elevator doors opened we stepped out on to a wide viewing platform area and looked out over the factory floor.

Boeing factory tour - Assembly Building

The Giant Assembly Building

Parts of aircraft were being moved around and assembled in different parts of the factory.

A whole 747 ( Jumbo Jet ) was parked out on the factory floor waiting for its engines to be fitted.

It was just amazing to see the work going on in the factory as we listened intently to the facts being told to us by our guide.

It was so different from anything I had imagined and very interesting.

Boeing factory tour - Assembly Building

The Boeing 787 Assembly Line ( not our photo )

We left this part of the building and using the underground tunnels went to another end of the gigantic building.

Here we also went up on to a viewing platform to see the assembly of the 787 Dreamliner and 777.

Even though these jets are huge they seemed small inside the massive building.

A row of four 787’s parked nose to tail had been painted and were ready for delivery.

Boeing factory tour - 777 Assembly Line

The Boeing 777 Assembly Line ( not our photo )

After the tour of the assembly facility, we boarded the bus which then drove around past the building where the aircraft get painted in the airline colours that they are being brought by.

Interestingly to buy a brand new Boeing 747, it would cost $400 million and that doesn’t even include the engines or seats!!

All too soon we were back at the Future of Flight Centre and exiting the bus.

There’s a great rooftop viewing area called the Strato Deck, where you can see out over the whole airfield.

You can see brand new aircraft being test flown as well as departures of aircraft being delivered to airlines all around the world.

Boeing factory tour - The Strato Deck

On The Strato Deck

Our Thoughts

Annabel and I really enjoyed the Boeing Factory Tour.

I know it sounds a bit boring but really the way the tour is presented and guided makes it very interesting indeed even if you’re not an aircraft enthusiast.

We thought it was value for money as well.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to see inside a jet airliner factory which gave us a really good insight into what it takes to build one of these giant jets.

Boeing factory tour - A Dream Lifter Jet

One Of Four Dream Lifter Boeing 747’s Used For Carrying Aircraft Parts

The Nitty Gritty

How To Get There

The Boeing factory lies 25 miles North of Seattle in Mukilteo.

We actually found it a bit of a challenge to find signage for the actual Future of Flight Centre wasn’t brilliant but it meant we did drive around the perimeter road and got a great close up view of the huge assembly building.

The Boeing Factory Tour

The tour last approx 90 minutes and leaves from the Future Of Flight Centre

At the time we visited ( October 2018 ) the cost was $25 for adults and $15 for youths under 15 years old.

You are not allowed to take anything on the tour with you ( including cameras and mobile phones ) but there are free lockers you can store items in.

The Future Of Flight

The centre is where you’ll get your tickets and start your tour from.

There’s a Boeing shop, cafe, restrooms and free entry up on to the Strato Deck for a view out over the airfield.

There is also free car parking at the centre.

For More Info Visit The Boeing Tour Website

Boeing factory tour - The Boeing Shop

The Boeing Shop