5 Things To Do In La Paz, Baja

Go For A Stroll Along The Malecon

If you enjoy walking, cycling, roller blading or running you’ll love the La Paz Malecon.

At just over 3 miles in length this promenade runs along the La Paz beachfront and is a magnet for families and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Whether it’s during the day or later in the evening the Malecon seems to be the main artery of La Paz with street performers and musicians attracting crowds.

We loved just strolling along especially in the evening when the day time heat had subsided and many Mexican families came to walk together.

With it’s smooth pavement the Malecon is perfect for roller bladers with the young and not so young enjoying skating up and down it’s length.

There are places in town to rent skates and bikes if you fancy having a go although there is a separate bike lane next to the Malecon.

Sue enjoyed taking an early morning walk along the whole length of the Malecon and back each day and loved seeing the fishermen bringing in their morning catch.

The Malecon also has several sculptures along its length, including a statue of Jacques Cousteau ( who loved the diving in the sea of Cortes), mermaids and various sculptures of the sea life found in the area.

Take A Trip To Isla Espíritu Santo

The island of Espiritu Santo to the North of La Paz is a haven for sea life and a trip there is a must do activity.

We don’t normally do many commercial trips but we’d read that this trip was amazing to do and we’d been given a recommendation for a guide that could take us on a day trip.

Guides will take you in small groups on their boats past the beautiful coastline North of La Paz and out across the channel that divides the Isla Epiritu Santo from the mainland.

The whole journey is amazing as our guide took us to see the mating Frigate birds with the red ballon like throats, rock formations and we found a pod of playful dolphins before reaching the island.

On a rocky formation just off of the island we found a colony of sea lions basking in the sun and playing in the water so it was time for the highlight of the day, to get in the water with the sea lions and snorkel.

It was just an amazing experience to be in the water with these beautiful creatures not to mention all the other sea life below us with huge shoals of sardines and other fish with lovely bright colours.

All three of us really enjoyed our day and would highly recommend a visit out to the Isla Espiritu Santo.

You can read a more in depth article about our Isla Espiritu Santo adventure here.

Discover The Beaches

The beaches North along the coast from La Paz have some of the most wonderful die for white sand beaches we’ve ever seen.

A frequent bus leaves La Paz and drives out along the coastal road dropping off and picking up day trippers along the way.

Balandra beach is the most well known with its very shallow crystal clear water and white sand beach.

Annabel and I rented a kayak for an hour to paddle out and see the famous rock mushroom which is really not much to see at all and we couldn’t  get much of a photo as there was a constant line of people wanting their picture taken with it.

For looks Balandra wins hands down, we can’t deny that and you can wade right out into the bay and still only be waist deep in the lovely clear waters.

You can’t rent snorkel gear from Balandra so keep that in mind if you want to see the sea life.

On from Balandra you’ll find El Tecolote beach which we didn’t visit but we understand has much deeper waters, snorkelling gear and watersports available.

Our favourite beach by far ( don’t tell anyone incase it gets spoiled ) is Pechillingue beach.

Now it’s not as stunning as Balandra and it’s near to the port with big ships docked but it’s much quieter than the other popular beaches, has a nice walkable beach, a couple of places to have some food or a relaxing drink watching the sun set in front of you, a place to rent snorkel gear and a nice reef to see lots of lovely fish.

We visited there twice and loved both visits, spending hours just chilling, with Annabel enjoying the water and sand.

Go Snorkelling

Baja is famous for it’s rich sea life so any visit isn’t really complete without a view into the underwater world that awaits.

Annabel had only snorkelled once in her life before, in the waters off of Western Australia and loved it so much that she really wanted to snorkel again.

The calm waters around the coast from La Paz are perfect for snorkelling and many sites lay in sheltered bays.

We absolutely loved snorkelling with the sea lions on our Isla Espiritu Santo tour and we saw so many colourful fish as well but there are also places you can swim from the shore.

We particularly liked the snorkelling off of Pechillingue beach North of La Paz and an easy bus ride away.

We’d been told there was a coral reef that ran along a rocky peninsula one side of the bay so we decided to explore.

We clambered out on to the rocks and entered the water from there but in hindsight it would have been easier to enter from the sandy beach and swim out.

Right from the shallows we saw some amazing and colourful fish amongst the coral and rocks.

Both Annabel (who seems like a natural in the water and swims like a fish ) and I swam the length of the rock outcrop to the point where there is much more coral and bigger fish.

From there you can swim around to the next beach but we decided to turn back as there were some boats that came in fairly close and we felt a bit exposed.

If you don’t have your own snorkel gear then you can rent right there on the beach which is really handy.

There is also snorkelling opportunities from Balandra beach but there is no snorkel rental available so you need to bring gear with you.

El Tecolote beach which has deeper waters, apparently has gear to rent but we didn’t visit so we can’t confirm this.

There are also many other spots that locals can tell you about.

Try The Local Food

Of course being by the ocean, sea food is plentiful with fishermen bring their catch in early in the day.

We’re not big on seafood but I must say that the fish we did try was lovely.

Many restaurants specialise in fish, shrimp, campari and a host of other seafood prepared in any number of ways.

Fish tacos are very common in La Paz and their are taco joints around town just serving this local delicacy.

We preferred the breaded fish in Los Laureles restaurant along the coast road which came with a home made potato salad, fires or rice and tortillas.

Of course it’s not all seafood with traditional Mexican food as well as American staples available.

We loved the Freda Cafe as it’s very affordable, popular with Mexican families and has some really great food.

The dishes aren’t huge but satisfy. I loved the Enchiladas Verdes and Sue especially liked their salads.

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