This is our story

We drove to the end of our road and stopped while a strange feeling crossed over us.

It was a feeling of apprehension and the thought of, what shall we do, where do we go, will this work out OK?

Minutes beforehand we had shut the front door to our house for the last time and driven away with the last of our belongings in our car.

This was the point at which we had been aiming for the past year. A year since we had that crazy idea of selling everything we owned to live a nomadic life travelling and exploring the world with our daughter.

Where that idea had even come from was not clear but it seemed to have arisen out of short trip to Colmar in France the year before when we looked at prices of property there and wondered if we could sell our house and move there.

From this first spark of a thought, the idea evolved somehow over time into the dream of selling everything to just go out in to the world and travel long term, educating our daughter and maybe find somewhere to settle along the way.

Sue and I had always loved to travel ever since we first met and went away on our first holidays in England together, then getting brave enough to travel to Spain and from then on we had caught the travel bug.

We never travelled long term but the trips got more adventurous year after year with the list of destinations growing.

We loved to trek and visit places with beautiful scenery, Nepal, Kamchatka, Chile, East Africa, Yemen, India, Thailand among the many that we visited.

We worked to travel. Travel was our passion.

One thing remained the same at the end of every trip, we felt down when we had to go back home to our normal life of routine.

If we were passionate about our time travelling then the same was not true of our time working.

To be honest we had both just fallen into jobs we disliked instead of being passionate about.

Sue had a career in retail and I went from being a waiter to a career in Horticulture.

We actually met while both working at Gatwick airport, me in a restaurant and she was a Baskin Robbins girl.

Later on we would have a gardening business together which we both pretty much hated.

Then in 2005 a light came into the world in the form of our daughter Annabel.

But even before her birth things had been changing and I had started training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

The training would not only change the direction of my career but also our lives as a family.

I began to realise the possibilities out there, that were available to us.

Our travel slowed down for a few years but we did manage to take Annabel to Austria and then later on to India.

I forget how many times the thought,  wouldn’t it be wonderful to just go off and travel the world, crossed our minds.

My interest in personal development continued and I came across something that would change our lives completely.

After training to be a Transformative Coach in the USA we decided it was time to shake things up a bit and made the decision to take Annabel out of traditional education to be able to home educate her.

It wasn’t a decision we took lightly but it was an amazing thing to be able to do and brought us together to be able to be the family we wanted to be.

Then there was that trip to France and the spark of the big idea was ignited.

We followed the idea and took steps toward it, firstly starting to sell some of our belongings and then lots of our belongings and finally putting the house on the market.

There had to be more to life than putting up with the routine we had been in for years, paying the ever increasing bills and charges, seeing our money drift away and not having much of importance to show for it.

As we sat there in the car wondering, feeling in limbo, there was also another feeling, one of  possibility, a blank canvas on which to create a new masterpiece.

So now we travel with no plan, we have what we can carry on our backs, Annabel has wonderful experiences to support her education, we meet new friends, we explore and discover new places.

We dream and we make it happen.