We’re the Norman Family


Well this is hard, where to begin. What do I love about life?

I love that I get to share my life with Stu, making new memories, experiences each and every day.

I love our 11 year old daughter, Annabel who has enriched our life so much with her wonderful personality and wit.

I love to travel and experience new cultures and their ways of life. There is so much to learn from so many people.

My heart is filled with so much love, being a mum, this is such a special gift and so rewarding.

I’m also a Reiki Master  and love learning about natural health and remedies.

What makes me happy is to be surrounded in beauty. So I love going on long walks in the countryside and through rural villages meeting the locals.

Life is an amazing journey and I love the fact that I am on that journey each and every day.


My name is Annabel and I have my own blog called The Adventures of Travel Girl

I’m 10 years old and my favourite place to go is umm well I liked Singapore and Scotland as well as Kuala Lumpur.

I was born in Redhill in England and when I was a year old we moved near to Gatwick airport, actually right next to it. We stayed there for nine years.

My Dad is a Coach and helps people make their lives better and talks about any problems they have.

My Mum and Dad  love to travel and I love to act and when I’m older I want to be an actress. I’ve already been in some shows.

I left school a couple of years ago and I like being home educated by Mum and Dad.

I love my teddies, BibbleBob, Fluffball and Ted and not forgetting my adorable tavel teddy Snowy.

We love to go on adventures together and have fun.


I love being husband to Sue and Father to Annabel.

Our time together is precious. I’ve learned over the last few years that we can lead amazing and wondrous lives and now we are living that life.

I’ve always been interested in people and connections with others. It’s an interest that has led me down the path of self development, not only for myself but for others too.

For the past ten years I’ve worked with clients wanting to explore their natural potential,  and I love discovering my own potential to lead an extraordinary life.

You can explore my client work at

The Nomadic Coach

Our travel adventure was born from a love of travel and experiencing other cultures and amazing places in the world.

I suppose I’m the logical one which sometimes is great when planning etc but at other times causes me to overthink situations and forget to go with the flow.

There is nothing better than just being in one an others company having fun and being child like in my enthusiasm for life.