Our first view of Singapore from the Singapore airlines flight was pretty amazing.
It may have been 7am but we were wide awake to catch our first glimpse.
What I thought most amazing was all the hundreds and hundreds of ships around the island.

As far as I could see there were ships dotted everywhere.
Apparently the ports handle over 130,000 ships per year.

Singapore Harbour

Coming from England we weren’t used to the 28 degree heat at 7.30am but luckily Singapore being so efficient we were cooled by the effective air-conditioning.

Connections from Changi airport to the city are very good and after collecting our monster bags we caught a metro train to a station near our hotel.

Changi Airport

We stayed at the Hotel Boss which is a mid range hotel in a good central area to be able to explore the city.

The view from our 15th floor window was amazing and looked out over the Kampung Glam area.

View from our room of Kampong Glam and Singapore Skyline

We’d arranged to meet up with a friend who lives in Singapore so after a short nap to catch up on some sleep we went explore the area close to the hotel.

Kampung Glam is sometimes known as the Muslim Quarter due to its history and the links with the Sultans Palace in the area.

Nowadays its a thriving area full of eateries and small shops.It retains a village feel with its low rise buildings and laid back atmosphere.

Our friend took us to eat at Zam Zam’s an Indian eatery that has a 100 year history and is very popular with the locals.

Our Favourite place to eat, Zam Zam restaurant

Its simple furnishings and low end look gave us a low expectation but when the food turned up we were pleasantly surprised by how yummy it was at a very reasonable cost.

Especially yummy is the Murtabak which is a type of Indian pizza but looks more like a stuffed pancake or bread. It can contain veg, chicken or venison.

We enjoyed Zam Zam so much that we went back repeatedly over our time in Singapore.

Zam Zam

After a wonderful sleep we were ready to explore Singapore some more and decided to walk to the Gardens by the Bay area.

One of the things we like to do best is walk around a new place to discover what you may not see from a taxi or bus window. It means sometimes we get a bit lost but thats the fun of it.

So we pointed ourselves roughly in the direction of the Marina Bay Sands hotel ( the building with what looks like a ship on top of it) and and weaved our way through the streets and eventually of course found our goal.

The Marina Bay Sands is a landmark in Singapore and a top end ( as top as you can go) hotel catering to the rich and famous.

Singapore Bay and Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Access to the Gardens by the Bay area are from the hotel itself.

We have written a more detailed version of our visit to the Gardens here.
The Gardens were built on reclaimed land and have a spectacular waterfront position and lots of different areas to explore.
There are children playgrounds, a water park area as well as tropical glass houses to discover with huge waterfalls inside.

Entrance is free but you need to pay extra for the glass house admission.

Entrance to Gardens by the Bay

We spent all day in the park as we wanted to see the light show in the evening which was well worth the wait.

There are fantastic views out over the sea and over the city.

Overlooking the city in the evening

We spent one day around the hotel enjoying the pool and gym while catching up on some emails etc.

One of the things we definitely wanted to do while in Singapore was to visit Universal Studios.
We love Universal in Orland so it would be interesting to see how Singapore would compare. It would also be a nice treat for Annabel so we surprised her at the last minute.

The Studios are situated on Sentosa Island which is to the South of the city and separated from the mainland by a fairly narrow body of water.

Holywood Universal Singapore

Universal is one of many attractions on the Island but we wanted to focus on Universal for this trip.

Its a smaller park than its larger cousin in Orlando but its much more manageable for a day trip and as it was fairly quiet there we got to ride the attractions several times during the day.

Annabel really upped her game and actually went on all the rides there even having her first experience of a loop the loop roller coaster.

What we loved about Singapore

We loved quite a lot about Singapore actually.
Its a lovely clean city with lots of public transport for getting about town.
English is the first language which is always a bonus.

Our favourite things to do were visiting Gardens by the Bay which was beautiful and free and
we had so much fun at Universal Studios. Its nice to let your hair down and just have fun.

Zam Zam Restaurant had great food and at a very inexpensive prices ( the Chicken Murtabak was our favourite).
There’s loads more things to do that we just didn’t have time to do but we hope to go back at some point.

What we didn’t like so much

Not much really.
The obvious thing is the overall costs.
Apparently the cost of living in Singapore is the highest in the world.

But having said that we ate fairly cheaply and its like most cities in that you have a range depending on your tastes.

It would be easy to spend a lot of money in Singapore with all the malls etc and prices for a lot of items were actually more expensive than the UK.
Hotel prices are pretty expensive too which is why we only stayed a few days in Singapore.