Singapore Bound

Having no real idea of where we were going to head first on our travel adventure we looked at flights to South East Asia and the one place that seemed to be a hub for travel was Singapore.

So why not?

We booked our non stop flight with Singapore airlines to leave the UK on the 25th February 2016.
It was a start, a step forward on our journey.
We also booked four nights in Hotel Boss, Singapore and would figure out the rest when we got to Singapore.

So early on the morning of the 25th February 2106 we set off with our over weight packs bulging at the seems to Heathrow airport for the first leg of our journey of discovery.

To be honest we nearly fell at the first fence as when we checked in for our flight the lady at the desk questioned us on having no return flight booked.

We’d read about having to have onward travel arrangements but didn’t think we would have a problem leaving our own country.

“I’ll have to get my supervisor” she said and our hearts sank.

After a few minutes the supervisor appeared and after telling him our situation he said we would have to sign the airline waiver forms.

Basically the airline didn’t want to pay for us to come back if we go turned away at Singapore immigration. you can read more about the rules of onward travel here.

Forms signed the panic set in. What if we got turned away the other end?
I hastily went online and booked some cheap train tickets out of Singapore.
Fine, it’ll be fine we kept telling ourselves.

The flight was wonderful and Annabel was particularly taken with the free inflight snacks available to her.

11 hours later we touched down in balmy Singapore.
With trepidation we approached immigration. Rehearsed answers to their possible questions playing in our heads.

Not a word, not a question did they ask of us. No, where are you staying, no how long will you be here, no, can I see proof of onward travel.

We were in.

We collected our monster bags from the conveyer belt and no joke we could hardly lift them.

Staggering forth we left the airport and on to the metro to out hotel, sweat already pouring off of us, even in the air-conditioning.

Hotel Boss, thankfully was a short crawl away and we were so glad to get checked in to our new home for a few days.

The view from our hotel room overlooking Singapore