leaving on a jet plane

After almost a year of preparation for our new life of travelling the world, the time for leaving the UK had come.

You get to a point when its inevitable.
You’ve signed the contract for sale of the house.
You’ve sorted out finances.
You’ve bought your backpacks
You’ve said your goodbyes.

Even when this point arrived it still didn’t feel real, as though we were really going to do it.
We didn’t even know where we were going to travel to.

Our focus until that point had been the selling of everything, selling the house and everything that goes along with the preparation.

Is it any wonder we didn’t know where to start.

We remember thinking shouldn’t we have a route planned or know more about our travel but quite honestly the travel had been the last thing on our minds.
The first goal was to sell the house and be in the position to travel and we had achieved that.

We wanted to be as ready to leave as we could when the time came. I don’t mean that everything was in place as I don’t think you can be 100% ready and prepared.
What I mean is that we had done everything we wanted to do.
We had visited our favourite theme parks, eaten in our favourite restaurants spent time with our friends for the last time.

Its easy to make it seem sadder in our heads than it really is.
When you go to those places or see friends and family it can feel like the last time you’ll ever do that or see that person and that can be very upsetting but we don’t know that will be the last time.
Sometimes we say goodbye to people and don’t see them again for several years but it doesn’t feel sad because we don’t put the finality on it, but when we think thats it, I’ll never see that person again it makes it very hard.

Some sadness is inevitable I think, its natural.

We remember leaving our house for the last time and driving down the road with a sudden realisation of, this is it, all we have in the world is a few bags in the car and nothing else but of course the most important thing we did have was each other.

A week later after staying in a local hotel and selling our car, we were making another move. This move was a bit further and involved a flight to Singapore and the next chapter in our travel adventure.