Bringing the dream to life

Welcome to our very first post (woo hoo)

Have you ever had a dream or an idea that would be amazing and thought about bringing the dream to life? Back in early 2015 we had one of those ideas. We’d had the dream of travelling for many years and scratched the itch by going on short adventures, discovering the world. But this new idea took it to another level.

Could we leave our life in the UK to travel the world leading a nomadic life?

It was such a huge idea, it even caught us by surprise. There had been a bubble of something for a while, thoughts like wouldn’t it be nice to live mortgage free or we could afford to live in this country or that country. I Suppose the idea just evolved and became, do we need a home at all. What if we could go out into the world and maybe find somewhere we want to settle down along the way. A year or so earlier we had another dream that became reality, the dream to take our daughter Annabel out of mainstream school to home educate her ourselves. At the time it seemed pretty impossible and we got tied up in all sorts of worries about it but in the end we just did it and let it evolve naturally and you know what, it was fine.

We could?

Like all big dreams the only thing that limits us is our own thinking about it. Yes we know that obviously our circumstances limits us in some respects but the first hurdle we have to get over is the idea that we cant do something. Initially after we had “the idea” of course the reasons not follow it came flooding in and thats natural isn’t it. For us it was about not letting those reasons pull us away from our dream. It would have been easy to say oh you know what we cant afford to do it or what if this happens etc etc. Those thoughts will always be there but what if we followed the dream anyway? Giving it all up We are normal family, we’re not dripping with money (because surely you have to be rich to travel) and we have no special powers (that I know of, yet but I’m hopeful)) so we would have to make big life changes to live our dream

Sell everything we owned. That included our house in the UK

Give up our jobs

Move away from family and friends

All you can do to follow a dream is to take one step at a time toward it, and so we did.