Bye Bye Belongings

Wasn’t it difficult to get rid of all you possessions??

It’s a question we get asked many times about becoming-nomadic.

We can only ever tell you the way we did it which may not be the way others have done it but here goes.

It was actually a bit odd in that Sue started clearing our loft out before we even decided to sell everything which begs the question did she know something we didn’t .

Once we knew that our aim was to get rid of everything we owned to go and travel the world it was just a question of how do get rid of it all.

For us it was easier to do it in layers….
Let me explain, first we sold everything that we would probably sell if we had a normal clear out, the stuff that we  never used etc.

That was pretty easy.
My vinyl collection and other things tucked up in the loft that never saw the light of day. We all have those things, right?
Next came the things that we rarely used, like Dvd’s that sat on the shelf, the books that we had read but hadn’t got rid of just incase.

Then it was the turn of things that we did use but weren’t a necessity, so that is mostly everything.

Obviously we kept hold of the very necessary items until last.
Lets not forget the house.
We kept good care of our home so it was in a great condition to sell.
We just needed to work out the best time to put it on the market which for us was in September 2015.
The For Sale sign went up which felt a massive step forward.
It was a bit slow and after we had a buyer back out we thought that was it for the Winter but a lady came along who loved it and we negotiated a deal for her to buy some of our bigger possessions like our TV and living room units as well a beds, sofas and wardrobes etc which helped us immensely.

I was very attached to my books so that was a little harder but as we sold so it got easier to part with things that we thought we were attached to.

Things with emotional connections are the hardest but even those things began to be easier to let go of.

Once we had a different idea of what was important to us then material possessions just didn’t seem important to keep and longer.


We sold items on Face Book selling sites, at car boot sales and on eBay.
Its really surprising how little your prized belongings are worth.
We realised we had spent a small fortune on things that were now worth very little.

As it got nearer to our house selling date so we just let things go easier, donating them to charities etc.

What we did do that helped was any money we made form selling our stuff we put towards days out and treats for the three of us rather than let the money just disappear.

Annabel found it difficult to part with her toys and short of having to carry them around the world with us they had to go somehow so we found a local charity that cared for brain damaged children.
We contacted them and they invited us to take a tour of their facility which we did and found that they were doing some amazing work of caring for the children.
Once Annabel had seen the good work they were doing she wanted to give all her stuff to them so we loaded the car with it all and took it to them.
Annabel was so happy that it went to somewhere meaningful for her.

Some of the last things to go were our bikes that we sold on the day before we moved out of our house and our car that we kept until the day before we flew out of the country.

All we have left is what we travel with and a couple of small plastic containers with keepsake items left in the UK with a friend.

But letting go of possessions is a constant thing we do, leading a nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes we might stay in one place for a longer period of time so we may buy things we need particular to that place like clothing we need or like books etc but then constantly go through and donate thing we won’t need in the next destination.

It was easier to let go of possessions than we thought it may have been and we have changed in our relationship toward stuff. It just doesn’t seem important anymore but it does mean that when it comes to birthdays etc there isn’t really anything we need.

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